Innovative solutions designed to increase market share, productivity and profits while reducing risks, waste and losses.

 We provide expert risk management assistance, enabling our clients to concentrate their efforts where it is required.


NEXINC's Risk Management portfolio of services are specifically oriented to identify and increase quality, efficiency and productivity across Security and Loss Prevention departments. Our experience has demonstrated the importance of senior management and middle management support. We believe in the importance of knowing what employees and top management think about their risk environment. We want to know what their major worries are; what they are perceiving as threats, vulnerabilities; what shareholders are saying and doing to support corporate security.  NEXINC wants to identify corporations' capabilities to identify, manage and mitigate risks and employees' awareness to identify, prevent or manage risks.

NEXINC’s risk management first diagnostic includes identification and evaluation of the administrative, operational and organizational structures (HR, operations, logistics and resource allocation), evaluation of the working capital and turnover rate, evaluation of security SOPs, policies and procedures. Identification of critical and sensitive operational and administrative needs (Intelligence, Technology and Communications). Analysis of internal customer service satisfaction, identification and evaluation of companies' product and services, training programs, R&D and innovation. We want to identify opportunities to transform corporate risks in competitive advantages. 


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